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(Tues Jan 16, 2007) Mail Problems
Your email service should now be operating normally. Our network upgrade is now complete. We did have some unanticipated problems with our email system during the upgrade which caused the problems you may have experienced. We do apologize for the inconvenience and do not expect any other issues related to this upgrade to affect your website or email. If you do have any issues related to email performance, please let us know.


(Sunday March 26, 2006) SSH Access Restored
We have completed our system audits and have restore SSH access.

(Friday March 24, 2006) SSH Access Unavailable
In response to a security advisory from a partner vendor, we are temporarily restricting all SSH access.

(Sunday February 19, 2006) Server Outage
A hardware failure occurred on a server this afternoon. Files were swapped to a back up server and sites were back online within a few minutes. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

(Tuesday January 31, 2006) Kama Sutra( Virus going around
This virus has been circulating quite heavily this week, if you do not have your NetFronts virus filter activated for your email please take this opportunity to turn it activate it, it is free of charge. If you happen to be infected with this virus it will delete Office documents on your computer on Friday the 3rd. There is a free scanner called Stinger that provides that you can download here: Stinger

For further information there is also a good article from MSN you can read Here.

(Friday January 13, 2006) NetFronts Affiliate Program
If you have not had a chance yet check out NetFronts' affiliate program and start making free money. The program is fully-integrated into each control panel. Click here for more information!

(Wednesday, December 7, 2005) Web Hosting Resource Changes
Web hosting resources upgraded, control panel enhanced with new tools, affiliate payouts increased, and a discounted gift certificate opportunity available. More information Click Here.

(Tuesday November 15th) Free ShoppingQ Upgrade Available
We are pleased to announce that ShoppingQ V3.9.3e has been released. Upgrading your store as soon as possible will allow you to take advantage of new features and maximize your ecommerce capability before the holiday season.
For more information and to schedule your free upgrade, please visit Store Upgrade .

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